Alternative History
Connecticut Province
Capital Goede Hoop
Largest Cities Bridgeport
Goede Hoop
Population 1,326,000
Our Timeline Equivalent Connecticut (U.S. state)

Connecticut is a province of New England. It borders the other New England provinces of New York to the west, Massachusetts to the north, and Narragansett to the east. To the south is Long Island Sound.

About Connecticut

Connecticut was the last of the New England provinces to come under English control. Until 1752, it was the last continental Pemhakamik possession of Netherland. During negotiations to sell the land to the English, a number of laws were formed, protecting the Netherish population. Today, still, Connecticut is the province with the largest percentage of Netherish-speaking residents. Over time, many other European and non-European groups have made Connecticut their home. The Aboriginal population largely consists of Mohegans and Wappani.


Connecticut has numerous divisions, including counties, Semi-Autonomous Regions/Areas (SARs/SAAs), and Nature Preservation Areas (NPAs).



61% Vegetarian
29% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

81% European
08% Pemhakamik Aboriginal
03% Mohegan-Pequot
03% Wappani
02% other Aboriginal
06% Oriental
02% Indian
02% multi race
01% others


63% English
09% Netherish
05% Algonquian languages (Mohegan, Wappani, etc)
04% Italian varieties (Neapolitan, etc)
03% French
03% Polish
03% Spanish
02% German varieties
02% Chinese languages
01% Irish Gaelic
01% Japanese
01% Occitan
03% others


45% Nonreligious
22% atheist
23% agnostic
21% Cathar
19% Christian
09% Catholic
03% Quaker
08% other Christian
03% Jewish
03% various Aboriginal beliefs
02% Buddhist
01% Hindu
05% other