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Conservative Party (Scotland says "Yes")
Conservative Party
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"

Conservative Party (Scotland says "Yes")
Logo of the Conservative Party

Leader: Boris Johnson
Founded: 1834
Founding parties: Tory Party
Headquarters: London
Youth wing: Conservative Future
Ideology: Conservatism

Economic liberalism

British unionism

Soft euroscepticism

Political position: Centre-Right
International affiliation: International Democrat Union
European affiliation: Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists
European Parliament Group: European Conservatives and Reformists
Official colours: Blue
House of Commons: 265
House of Lords: 251

The Conservative Party is a Centre-Right political party in the United Kingdom.It is currently the second-largest political party in the UK, after Labour, and forms the official opposition.

The Conservatives were founded from the Tory Party in the 1800's, hence the nickname Tories. It has been one of the main two parties of British politics, originally competing with the Liberals, and now Labour.

In 2014, Scotland voted to leave the United Kingdom. This saw a dramatic fall in support for the Conservative-led coalition government, and David Cameron was forced to resign, later replaced by George Osbourne. Indeed, in the 2016 General Election, the Tories fell far behind, allowing a now Labour-led coalition to form. In Scotland it has been replaced by the Scottish Free Democrats, which failed to win any seats in the Assembly Elections.