Kingdom of Cordillera
Kaharian ti Cordillera
Largest city Baguio City
Official languages Ilocano, Spanish, English
Recognised regional languages Ibaloi, Kankanaey, Kalanguya, Kalinga, Ifugao, Itneg, Isneg, Pangasinan and other native languages
Demonym Cordilleran
Government Unitarian parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  King Aguimbag III
 -  Prime Minister Nestor Fongwan
 -  Republic of Northern Luzon 1945 
 -  Division of the Republic of Northern Luzon and the establishment of the kingdom 1960 
Currency Cordilleran peso

Cordillera, formally known as Republic of Cordillera (Ilocano: Kaharian ti Cordillera) is a country in Southeast Asia.

It bounded west of Ilocandia and surrounded east and south of Luzon.

It was colonized by the Spaniards together with Luzon, Negros and other neighboring countries in the Philippine Islands from 1520's to late 1800's. It was a part of Luzon (together with Ilocandia) when Luzon declared independence from Spain (together with Negros) in 1898.

From 1910 until 1935 the Cordillera was a province (it was known as the Mountain Province) of the region of Northern Luzon. In 1935 until the division of Luzon, the Mountain Province was renamed to Cordillera when it became a region.

After World War II, Luzon divided into two states (Luzon and Northern Luzon). The Republic of Northern Luzon existed after World War II until 1960. It was the one of the districts of Northern Luzon (excluding Abra when it was separated from Cordillera in 1950). The Republic of Northern Luzon was divided into three, the Ilocandia, Cordillera and Northeastern Luzon (but it was annexed by Luzon).

In 1960 after its independence, the coronation happened at Baguio City (the former capital city of Cordillera) in the Summer Palace. The first king was King Aguimbag I, together with his family, his consort, Queen Agpalo, his heir apparent, Prince Mario (who became King Aguimbag II) and other members of the family. The coronation was attended by many important persons.

Administrative divisions

  • Abra (Bangued)
  • Amburayan (Alilen)
  • Apayao (Kabugao)
  • Banaue (Banaue)
  • Bontoc (Bontoc)
  • Ifugao (Lagawe)
  • Kalinga (Tabuk)
  • Kayapa (Kayapa)
  • Lepanto (Tadian)
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