Alternative History

Cornish People's Republic
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
Preceded by 1962-1969 Succeeded by
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom British Flag Alt 13.pngBPA

Flag of Cornwall.svgCornwall

Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Cornwall
Map of the BPA. Controlled areas dark Green, claimed areas of the Former United Kingdom in Lighter Green
Capital Truro
Largest city Truro
Language Cornish
Currency Cornish Pound

The Cornish People's Republic was a Nation based in the Cornwall after the Great Nuclear War, before being becoming an autonomous area with the Southern England 1969 and Constituent Nation of the United Kingdom in 1990.


After the Great Nuclear War Cornwall declared its independence as the Cornish People's Republic. This nation was fiercely independent, and after contact with the BPA, the two nations begrudgingly accepted each other, with mild border clashes. However, in 1969 the BPA started to move more and more troops into the area bordering the two nation, and on the 3th April 1969 BPA units started to move across the border in a number of places. While the British Army had far superior numbers and equipment, they Cornish forces were able to fall back into the landscape, waging a guerrilla war. After almost 6 weeks of bitter fighting, in June the two sides agreed a ceasefire and met in Cornwall to negotiate. After four days, they came out, and agreed that Cornwall would become a highly autonomous region of the BPA, and any future re-organisation into the United Kingdom would result in Cornwall as a constituent country independent of England.