Alternative History
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In this alternate History Charles Martel the king of the Franks lost the battle of Tours. Because the main organized resistance against their invasion was destroyed the Muslim forces continued on to conquer much of Europe.


  • 732: The Moorish forces under the command of Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi win a decisive victory over the Frankish forces and kill Charles the Hammer.
  • 739: Egyptian Muslim forces take Rome and the Pope is publicly executed.
  • 747: Tsharlz Alkabir (OTL Charlemagne) is born.
  • 749: Muslim forces destroy the Frankish Empire and Tsharlz Alkabir is taken and raised in the Moorish court.
  • 760: Muslim forces conquer all of elope up to the Elbe River.
  • 767: Tsharlz Alkabir becomes the first European officer in the Muslim Army
  • 771: With the main focus of the Muslim army in Europe, the Byzantine Empire spreads south and retakes Damascus.
  • 778: Muslim forces from Europe sweep though the Balkans in an attempt to strike the Byzantine empire from the north. In a battle with the Macedonians the General of the Muslim forces, Isma'il ibn Jafar, is killed and his second in command, Tsharlz Alkabir, takes control of the Muslim forces.
  • 779: After laying siege to Constantinople for three months, Tsharlz Alkabir sacks the city and takes the Byzantine Princess Irene to be his second wife.
  • 783: Because of a falling out with the Caliph of the Umayyad Empire,Tsharlz Alkabir declares Europe its own independent Caliphate. The War of the the Caliphate ensues.
  • 791: The War of the Caliphate is ended by the Treaty of Sicily. Tsharlz Alkabir is allowed to rule everything from the river Rhine to the river Garonne down to the river Tiber.
  • 790s: A new branch of Islam spreads in Europe known as Uwrubba Islam.
  • 799: Tsharlz Alkabir is crowned Iimbraturi Caliph.