Alternative History

Cricket is a bat-and-ball team sport, believed to have began in 16th-century England. It became the national sport of England by the 18th century, and the expansion of the British Empire helped spread the sport across the world. The sport's global sanctioning body is the International Cricket Council, currently headquarted in the East Caribbean Federation. The rules of the game are known as the Laws of Cricket and are maintained by the ICC.

The sport currently enjoys its greatest popularity in the ANZC; the East Caribbean Federation; Pakistan; Bangladesh; former India; Good Hope and the Dominion of South Africa; the Kingdoms of Cleveland and Northumbria; Victoria; in the Avalon British survivor community off the coast of Guinea-Bissau; in the Woodbridge survivor community in former England; and in Sri Lanka.

Efforts are ongoing to establish and grow the sport in Afghanistan; the Celtic Alliance; Canada; Japan; Singapore; the Nordic Union; and throughout Oceania and southern Africa.

Thus far since Doomsday, competition has only been held on a domestic basis, but several nations are discussing resuming international competitions no earlier than 2013. A major point of discussion has been for international play whether to abandon the historical five-day test series in favor of one-day competitions.