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Crimean People's Republic
Qırım Halq Cumhuriyeti
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936
Flag of the Crimean Republic Gerae-tamga
Flag Seal
Anthem "Ant etkenmen"
Capital Bakhchysarai
Largest city Sevastopol
Other cities Simferopol
Crimean Tartar, Russian
  others Greek, Armenian, Ukrainian
  others Christianity
Ethnic Groups
Crimean Tartar, Russian
  others Ukrainian, Armenian, Greek
Demonym Crimean
Government Republic
  legislature Qurultay
Internet TLD .cr
Organizations Russian Forum
The Crimean People's Republic is a small state that occupies the Crimean peninsula following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The republic is now a member of the Russian Forum, a conglomerate of Russia survivor states following the eruption of the Yellowstone caldera.

Although a member of the Russian Forum, Crimea yearns to form an independent path away from its Russian past.

The republic first came to form in the first Russian Civil War, but later emerged again in the second Russian Civil War. During this time the state came to align with the Russian Forum over the harsher pro-Stalin Bolsheviks. When the war ended with Stalin's defeat, Crimea remained part of the Russian Forum, but has pursued its own course in international relations and politics.

Crimea is remarkable as it is the first fully functioning Islamic republic that has a high standard of human rights.

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