Crimean People's Republic
Qırım Halq Cumhuriyeti
Timeline: From Austria with Love
Flag of the Crimean Republic No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Crimea (orthographic projection)
Location of Crimea
(and largest city)
Crimean tartar
  others Russian
Government Federal Republic
  legislature Qurultay
President Noman Çelebicihan
Prime Minister Şevqiy Bektöre
Area 26,860 km²
Population 713,823 
Independence from Russian Empire
  declared 13 December 1917
  recognized 1 january 1919
Currency currency

The Crimean People's Republic (Crimean Tatar: Qırım Halq Cumhuriyeti) is a sovereign nation in Eastern Europe.It is the world´s first turkish and muslim democratic republic.It was proclaimed following the russian revolution.


The Crimeann people´s Republic was officialy declared on the 13 december 1917, based upon the initiative of the Qurultay of Crimean Tatars.They stipulated that all etnicties that lived in Crimea would be treated equelaly.The biggest etnicty was originaly Russian,which constitued 42% of the population in 1917 but the ominant etnicity was the Crimean Tatars.

The Nation was short lived at first becuse of the advancing bolshevik forces which had managed to capture the capital of Sevastpol on the 16th december. To prevent the capture of the goverment,the Crimean goverment relocated to its current capital where it created the Unified Crimean headquarters on the 18th december.After having relocated there,the Crimean goverment had two cavalery and one infantery regiment at its disposal who began the Sevastpol offensive on the 1st january 1918.The Sevastopol Offensive was nearly defeated by the bolsheviks,had it not been for the miraculos arrival of hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky´s forces.Together they defeated the bolsheviks forces who were led by Anton Slutsky.Following this victory,the bolshevik forces retreated from Crimea on the 13 february 1918.

Independence and Reconstruction

After having emerged victorius in the Russo-Crimean war,delegations from both warring sides met in the neutral city of kefe where they signed the treaty of kefe.on the 16th january 1920,The first general elections for president and senate was held which resulted in acting president Noman Çelebicihan winning his first four year term.His first term in office saw the reconstruction take place in all of Crimea which was seen as crucial to the states continued survival.In 1924,the senate passed the Russian-Crimean relations bill which oficialy restored realtions between Russia and Crimea.This bill was seen by many of the Crimean Tatars as a betrayal which led to Noman Çelebicihan only winning the 1924 general election with a slim margin of 53,34% of the votes.



Following the reconstruction of Sevastopol and Kerch,the crimean ecconomy started to recover from the collapse it had suffered during the war with Russia.The following years saw the ecconomy evolve from mainly agriculture to also include shipping and mining.

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