Crown Colony of Hawaii
Panalāʻau Aliʻi o Hawaiʻi
Colony of the Cygnian Empire
Flag of Hawaii.svg
Flag of Japan.svg
1893 – 1941
1946 – 1950
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Flag of Hawaii JoW.png
Eureka Flag.svg Coat of arms of Cygnia.png
Flag Coat of arms
Deus Meumque Jus (Latin)
God and My Right
God Save the King
United States Navy Band - God Save the Queen
Capital Honolulu
Languages English, Hawaiian
Government Crown Colony
 -  1893 – 1901 (first) Victoria
 - 1936 – 1950 (last) George IV
 - 1893 – 1900 (first) Lorrin A. Thurston
 - 1934 – 1941 (last) Joseph Poindexter
Military Governor
 - 1946 – 1950 LTG Leslie Morshead
Legislature Legislative Council
 - Annexation to Cygnia 17 January 1893
 -  Colony established 4 July 1894
 - Japanese occupation 1941–6
 - Cygnian Military Administration 1946–50
 -  Republic proclaimed 4 July 1950
Currency Cygnian Pound
Today part of Flag of Hawaii JoW Hawaii

The Crown Colony of Hawaii was a Crown colony of the Empire of Cygnia that was established in 1894 following the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii and its annexation to Cygnia in January 1893. It existed until 1950, interrupted by a Japanese occupation from 1941 to 1946 during World War III. When Japan surrendered at the end of the war, Hawaii was handed back to the Cygnians, who placed the islands under a military administration. During this time, the decolonisation of Hawaii began, and a peaceful transition to independence culminated in the proclamation of the Republic of Hawaii on 4 July 1950.

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