Crown Colony of New Albion
Colony of the British and Cygnian Empires


1770 – 1785
1793 – 1812


Flag Coat of arms
Deus Meumque Jus (Latin)
God and My Right
God Save the King
Capital Sydney
Languages English
Government Crown Colony
 -  1770 – 1795 George I
 -  1770 – 1785 James Cook
 -  1793 – 1795 Arthur Phillip
Legislature Legislative Council
 -  Cession of New Zeeland to the United Kingdom 5 August 1670
 -  Colony proclaimed 19 April 1770
 -  Colony abolished 3 April 1785
 -  Colony reestablished 3 April 1793
 -  Responsible government 1 January 1800
 -  Statehood 6 June 1812
Currency Cygnian Pound
Today part of Eureka Flag.svg Cygnia
 Flag of North Albion.png New Albion

The Crown Colony of New Albion was a Crown colony established in 1770 by the United Kingdom. It became the newest of seven British colonies in Australia. When the Kingdom of Cygnia was established by the Proclamation of Federation in 1785, New Albion was abolished and reintegrated with New Zealand. After the Cygnian War of Independence and the creation of the Empire of Cygnia, New Albion was re-established as a Cygnian colony, and in 1812 was admitted as the seventh Cygnian state — the first to join after the ratification of the constitution.

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