Alternative History
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Havana
Largest city Havana
Language Spanish
Religion Desperiato Catholicism AKA :Awakened
Ethnic Group Spanish
Demonym Cuban
Government Theocracy, Dictatorship
Holy Messenger John Condez

Cuba is a nation on the island of Cuba. It is a totalitarian theocracy based of Desperiato Catholicism, or "The Awakened" which some may describe as a cult. Relations were tough with NATO and best with the USSR, but after the Zombie Apocalypse, relief is given to both sides for its own national security. The Capital and largest City is Havana. Most are Awakened. They attended the Annapolis Conference.

Desperiato Catholicism (Awakened)

Desperiato Catholicism, or the Church of the Awakened, or simply The Awakened, is a radical cult like branch of Catholicism that rules over Cuba. It is like Catholicism, only Sacraments and Prayer are practiced frequently, to the point they pray Three times a day for an hour, and are strict dieters. They pray for four hours straight on Sundays. They also believe this to be the war with Satan, and the Zombies are his army. In Cuba this is the only religion allowed, and anyone practicing differently goes through "Education". People wishing to move there must go through ritual cleansing (baptism and praying for five hours straight).

Military Branches


The Holy Servants of God's Word are the armed forces of Cuba, the branches of this are

  • HAG: the Holy Army (ground forces) of God
  • HCN: The Holy Cuban Navy
  • LS: Lord's Servants: Air force
  • LSS: Lord's Secret Service: The Secret Police
  • HK: Holy Knights: Elite soldiers