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Cuban legislative election, 2010
All 614 seats to the National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba
January 18, 2010
First party Second party
Oswaldo Paya Sardinas Felipe Perez Roque
Leader Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas Felipe Pérez Roque
Party Cuban Democratic Coalition Communist Party of Cuba
Last election 115 seats
(Christian Democratic Party)
321 seats
Seats won 282 236
Seat change +40 −85
Popular vote 3,761,733 3,160,844
Percentage 45.7% 38.4%
PM before election
Felipe Pérez Roque
Communist Party of Cuba
Elected PM
Marcelino Sotolongo
Civic Democratic Party

The Cuban legislative election of 2010 to the National Assembly of People's Power was held in Cuba on January 18, 2010. This was the second democratic elections since Fidel Castro had reformed the Cuban constitution to include free elections, freedom of speech and other democratic elements in favour of having the United States lifting the economic sanctions on Cuba.

The election marked a turning point in Cuban politics. The right-wing Cuban Democratic Coalition (Coalición Demócrata Cubana) consisting of the Christian Democratic Party, Democratic Solidarity Party and the Cuban Liberal Union received 45.7 percent of the votes, thus securing the majority of the seats in the National Assembly. For the first time since 1959 the Communist Party lost its mandate to govern, thus leading to a government based on the parties of the Christian Democratic Party with Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas of the Christian Democratic Party as Prime Minister.


Parties and coalitions Leader Votes % +/- Seats +/-
Cuban Democratic Coalition
(Coalición Demócrata Cubana)
File:Christian Democratic Party of Cuba Logo.png Christian Democratic Party (Partido Demócrata Cristiano de Cuba) Marcelino Sotolongo 3,761,733 45.7 +10.1[1] 155 +40
File:Democratic Solidarity Party of Cuba Logo.png Democratic Solidarity Party (Partido Solidaridad Democrática) 100 +8
Cuban Liberal Union Logo Cuban Liberal Union (Unión Liberal Cubana) 27 +6
File:Communist Party of Cuba Logo.png Communist Party of Cuba (Partido Comunista de Cuba) Felipe Pérez Roque 3,160,844 38.4% −13.2 236 −85
Social Democratic Party of Cuba Logo Social Democratic Party of Cuba (Partido Socialdemócrata de Cuba) Vladimiro Roca 954,838 11.6% +3.4 71 +19
File:Democratic Social-Revolutionary Party of Cuba Logo.png Democratic Social-Revolutionary Party of Cuba (Partido Social-Revolucionario Democrático de Cuba) Jorge Valls 337,485 4.10% +2.0 25 +12
Others 16,465 0.2% —1.38
Total (turnout 91.2%) 8,231,365 100.0% 614
Eligible voters 9,025,619  
Valid votes (% of votes cast) 7,926,804 96.3%
Invalid votes (% of votes cast) 304,561 3.7%
Abstention (% of registered voters) 782,955 29.92%

18.4 = 25.1 14.7 = 16.2 3.5 = 5.4


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