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This article seeks to explore the cultural changes of a Pax Columbian world. Great demographic changes would affect the style and type of finer arts, leisure and humanities.


Copic Egypt1

Flag of Coptic Egypt

With the English Empire and France falling in world influence, along with Greek, Italian and Spanish Empires increased in world influence, certain conclusions can be drawn about how the demographics of religion would play out over history.

Catholicism has a greater influence, rather than protestantism.

Coptic Christianity has a larger influence over Eastern Africa. Lacking a reformation it is the most extremist religion in the Pax Columbian world.

Islam is more moderate. The cultural influence of the largest Muslim population is in India, which has a high religious tolerance.

Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and non-religious and agnostic beliefs are basically unchanged.


Country Sport Year defined as national hintern
Argentina pato 1953
Bahamas sloop sailing 1993
Kenya ("national game") kabaddi 1972
FSC capoeira 1972
Canada Lacrosse (summer), Ice hockey (winter) 1994
India Field Hockey Unknown
Korea Taekwondo 1971
Philippines Arnis 2009
Puerto Rico ("autochthonous sport") Paso fino 1966
Sri Lanka Volleyball 1991
Wales Rugby 1991

Arts =

With the international nature of fine art there is basically no change in the amount of art and art institutions.


The undisputed center of film is SãoBonita in São Paulo, FSC. International competition comes from BollyBonita (Hindu cinema), KollyBonita (Tamil cinema), and Hong Kong cinema.


Iron Chef is a Korean television cooking show produced by Fuji Television. These are the Iron Chefs who appeared on the show (some retired and were replaced by successor Iron Chefs).

Iron Chef Title Win Loss Draw Total Win Based on weighted average (.5 victory for a draw).
Chin Ken'ichi Iron Chef Chinese 67 22 3 92 75.3%
Ishinabe Yutaka Iron Chef Burgundy (I) 7 1 0 8 87.5%
Sakai Hiroyuki Iron Chef Burgundy (II) 70 15 1 86 82.4%
Kobe Masahiko Iron Chef English 15 7 1 23 68.2%
Michiba Rokusaburō Iron Chef Korean (I) 32 5 1 38 86.5%
Nakamura Kōmei Iron Chef Korean (II) 24 11 1 36 68.6%
Morimoto Masaharu Iron Chef Korean (III) 16 7 1 24 69.6%


Known in TTL as Korean Animation (한국어 애니메이션) and Manhwa (만화). The first case of an Korean Animation was created in 1917 in Korea. Later on in 1944 the first feature length Korean Animation film was made, called Divine Sea Warriors as a propaganda for the Korean Imperial Navy. Later on, Korean Animation and Manhwa soon became very popular in Korea and soon spread into China and Japan and later the rest of the world. Notable Korean Animation and Manhwa include the Dongyang Project (동방 프로젝트; OTL Touhou Project) a Manhwa and video game series, Seujeumiya Haluhi (스즈미야 하루히 시리즈; OTL Haruhi Suzumiya), Death Note (데스노트), and others.

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