This is a list of people participating in the open timeline, Washington Shot at Murdering Town!. Please feel free to add your name to the list:

  • Sikulu - mostly working on monarchs, the British Empire, and the European Union at the moment; generally in charge of coordination.
  • Cprhodesact - responsible for Australia
  • Italiamerican - tinkering around with the flags currently
  • ggw - Illyria, Greece, Ionian Isles
  • Louisiannan - Louisiana -- what else?
  • dllu - Scandinavian Union. Willing to work on the Holy Roman Empire too.
  • Archangel91 - working on the Spanish Colonial Empire
  • Stepintime
  • JorgeGG - tweaks and links edits
  • Catholique de Sirosquishie
  • Javas96 Asian thing and politics Wars
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