Alternative History

Like its American counterpart, the Australian Senate of the United States of Australia consists of an equal number of Senators from each state. As Australia has fewer states, and less population, the number of Senators from each state is greater. The Australian Senate consists of six Senators from each state, each of which is directly elected for a six-year term, approximately one-third of them every three years, or two from each state. There are 90 Senators.

SenatorStateParty First electedSeat Up
Clare MartinArnhemLabour20012007
Shane StoneArnhemUnited19952007
John Ah KitArnhemLabour20032009
Grant TamblingArnhemUnited19792009
Marshall PerronArnhemUnited19932011
Denis BurkeArnhemUnited19992011
Julie BishopCanning United19952007
Geoff ProsserCanningUnited20072013
Carmen LawrenceCanningLabour19972009
Jim McGintyCanningLabour20032009
Wilson TuckeyCanningUnited19832011
Noel Crichton-BrowneCanningUnited19772011
Phillip DavisGippslandUnited19952007
Peter RyanGippsland United20012007
Peter HallGippsland United19972009
Barry CunninghamGippsland Labour19912009
Julian McGauranGippsland United20062011
Don WishartGippsland Labour20052011
Anthony AlbaneseHunter Labour19952007
John BrogdenHunter Labour20072013
Joel FitzgibbonHunter Labour19972009
Carmel TebbuttHunter Labour20052009
Philip RuddockHunter United19832011
Robert EllisLabour United20052011
Barry HaaseKimberley United19952007
Jon FordKimberley Labour20012007
Ken BastonKimberley United19972009
Fred ReibelingKimberley Labour19912009
Graham CampbellKimberley Labour19772011
Carol MartinKimberley Labour19992011
Peter ToyneMacDonnell Labour20012007
Jodeen CarneyMacDonnell United19952007
David KochMacDonnell United19972009
Maisie AustinMacDonnell United20032009
Warren SnowdonMacDonnell Labour19872011
Fay MillerMacDonnell United19992011
Gavin PriestleyNew England United20072013
John CobbNew England United20012007
Donald PageNew England United20072009
Gary NehlNew England United19792009
Tony WindsorNew England United19992011
Ian Slack-SmithNew England United20052011
Phil GoffNew Zealand Labour20072013
Bill EnglishNew Zealand United19892007
Winston PetersNew Zealand United19972009
Jim AndertonNew Zealand Labour20032009
John KeyNew Zealand United20052011
Michael CullenNew Zealand Labour19932011
Charlie McKillopNth QueenslandUnited20072013
Paul NevilleNth QueenslandUnited19952007
Desley BoyleNth QueenslandLabour20032009
Bob KatterNth QueenslandUnited19912009
David JullNth QueenslandUnited19752011
Marc RowellNth QueenslandUnited19992011
Rabbie NamaliuPapua New Guinea United20062007
Michael SomarePapua New GuineaLabour19892007
Julius ChanPapua New Guinea United19792009
Jeffery NapePapua New Guinea Labour20032009
Mekere MorautaPapua New Guinea United1932011
Paias WingtiPapua New GuineaLabour19992011
Lou LiebermanRiverina United19892007
Tim FischerRiverina United19832007
John BrumbyRiverina Labour19912009
Bob CameronRiverina Labour19972009
Christian ZahraRiverina Labour20052011
John McQuiltenRiverina Labour19992011
Peter BeattieQueensland Labour20072013
Russell CooperQueensland United19832007
Anna BlighQueensland Labour20032009
Bill LudwigQueensland Labour19852009
Kathy Martin SullivanQueensland United19812011
Wayne GossQueensland Labour20052011
Amanda VanstoneSth AustraliaUnited19892007
Steele HallSth AustraliaUnited19772007
Mike RannSth AustraliaLabour20032009
Barry WakelinSth AustraliaUnited19972009
Dana WortleySth AustraliaLabour20052011
Martyn EvansSth AustraliaLabour20052011
John WatsonTasmania United19772007
Brian HarradineTasmania United19712007
Duncan KerrTasmania Labour19852009
Robin GrayTasmania United19802009
Shayne MurphyTasmania Labour19932011
Brendan NelsonTasmania United19992011
Jennifer MacklinVictoria Labour20012007
Jeff KennettVictoria United20072013
John CainVictoria Labour19852009 (retiring)
Lindsay ThompsonVictoria United19792009
Stephen ConroyVictoria Labour19992011
Harry JenkinsVictoria Labour19932011

United Party: 50
Labour Party: 40
Independent: 0

Majority Leader: Russell Cooper (U-NQ)
Minority Leader: Mike Rann (L-SA)
President pro tempore: Brian Harradine (U-Tas)