Alternative History
House of Representatives of the United Cygnian States
59th Congress of the Union
Coat of arms or logo.
Logo of the House of Representatives
Type Lower house of the Cygnian Congress
Speaker Steve Georganas, Labour
since 3 January 2021
Leader of the House Tony Burke, Labour
since 3 January 2017
Manager of Opposition Business Christian Porter, National
since 3 January 2021
Government Whip Chris Hayes, Labour
since 3 January 2017
Opposition Whip Bert van Manen, National
since 3 January 2021
Established 12 September 1783
Members 301
CHR 2021.svg
Political groups Government (155)
  Labour (155)

Official Opposition (139)
  Nationals (139)

Crossbenchers (7)
  Greens (1)
  Centre (1)
  Katter's (1)
  UCP (1)
  Independent (3)
Voting system Instant-runoff voting
Last election 5 December 2020
Next election 7 December 2024
Meeting place
House of Representatives chamber
Federation Hall
Northam, TS, Cygnia

The Cygnian House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Cygnian Congress which, along with the Senate, composes the legislature of Cygnia.

The composition and powers of the House are established by Article One of the Constitution. The House is composed of representatives who sit in electoral divisions which are allocated to each of the 22 states and territories on a basis of population as measured by the Cygnian Census, with each division entitled one representative. Since the adoption of the Imperial Constitution in 1793, all representatives are elected popularly — a practice which has continued even after the adoption of the current Constitution.

The House is charged with the introduction and passage of federal legislation, known as bills, which, after concurrence by the Senate, are sent to the President for consideration. In addition to this basic power, the House has certain exclusive powers of which include the power to initiate all bills related to revenue, and the impeachment of federal officers, who are sent to trial in the Senate.

The presiding officer is the Speaker of the House, who is elected by the members thereof and is therefore traditionally a member of the ruling party. The House meets in the east wing of Federation Hall.