2020 Cygnian Labour Party leadership election
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154 caucus members
5,867,394 party members
78 caucus votes and 2,933,698 member votes needed for victory
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1 June — 31 July 2020
Anthony Albanese Tanya-plibersek2015 Richard Marles 2012
Candidate Anthony Albanese Tanya Plibersek Richard Marles
Home state New Albion New Albion Victoria

Preceding Leader
Julia Gillard
Elected Leader
Anthony Albanese

The 2020 Cygnian Labour Party leadership election was organised by the Cygnian Labour Party to elect its next congressional leader. All registered members of the party were entitled to vote in the election, although unlike in federal or state elections, voting was not compulsory. A combination of caucus votes and membership votes is used to determine the winner, with both being weighted equally. As such, one had to amass at least 78 of the 154 available caucus votes, as well as a majority of membership votes cast. The election for party members took place from 1 June to 30 July 2020 in all twenty-one states, five territories, and among Labour Abroad. The caucus vote was be held on 31 July.

The election was triggered by Chancellor Julia Gillard's January announcement that she would retire at the December 2020 federal election. Immediately after the announcement, Vice Chancellor Tanya Plibersek announced that she would be running for the leadership. This was followed a few days later by Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese, and by Defence Minister Richard Marles.

Normally, the election would be held on a single Saturday, when members would assemble for a meeting of their local party branch in the morning and caucus members would vote in the evening. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Labour Party National Executive announced on 23 March that the 2020 election would be conducted by postal ballot instead, allowing two months for votes to be sent through.

The election resulted in a decisive victory for Albanese, who was formally sworn in as Leader of the Labour Party on 1 August 2020. However, Chancellor Gillard will remain in office until the conclusion of her term on 3 January 2021. On the same ballot, Marles was elected Deputy Leader.


Candidate Political office Caucus votes Member votes Total % Campaign status
Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese
24th Minister for Infrastructure

Member of the Cygnian House of Representatives for Grayndler
57.3% Elected
Tanya Plibersek
17th Vice Chancellor of Cygnia

20th Minister for Education

Member of the Cygnian House of Representatives for Sydney
27.3% Lost
Richard Marles 2012
Richard Marles
31st Minister for Defence

Member of the Cygnian House of Representatives for Corio
15.4% Lost
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