Cygnian Marriage Law Plebiscite
14 June 2017
Do you approve the proposed law for the alteration of the Marriage Act entitled — 'An Act to alter the Marriage Act such that provisions restricting homosexual, bisexual, transgender, asexual, or otherwise queer individuals, from pursuing Marriage, are eliminated'?
Location Flag of Cygnia Cygnia
Date 14 June 2017

A plebiscite called by the Gillard Government was held in Cygnia concerning an amendment to the Marriage Act, 1961 to legalise same-sex marriage. The plebiscite was held using standard electoral procedures on 14 June 2017. Responding to the plebiscite, like in all elections and referendums in Cygnia, was compulsory.

The plebiscite returned 140,615,947 (61.6%) "Yes" responses and 87,656,694 (38.4%) "No" responses. An additional 661,991 (0.3%) responses were unclear and the total turnout was 228,272,642 (97.5%). The "Yes" vote also had a majority in all 22 states of the Union, fulfilling the double majority requirement in Cygnian referendums and plebiscites — a national majority, and a majority in the majority of states.

Prior to the plebscite, Congress had passed the Democratic Labour government's Marriage Amendment Plebiscite Act, which required the enactment of an amendment to the Marriage Act to allow same-sex couples to marry. Both the Democrats and opposition National Unity Party allowed their Congressmen a conscience vote on the relevant legislation. Had the plebiscite returned a majority "No" result, the amendment would have been voided.

Adults on the electoral roll in Cygnia as of 20 April 2017 were eligible to participate. By this date 5 million new voters had added themselves to the roll, which was at a record high. Polls closed at 6pm WST and the results were released on 17 June. As a result, the Amendment Act was officially passed by Congress on 20 June and given Imperial Assent by Empress Elizabeth on 21 June. Immediately after assent was granted, all same-sex marriages solemnised overseas were automatically recognised in Cygnia. The first same-sex weddings under the new law took place on 1 July 2017.


Votes  %
Yes check Yes 140,615,947 61.60%
X mark No 87,656,694 38.40%
Valid votes 227,610,651 99.71%
Invalid or blank votes 661,991 0.29%
Total votes 228,272,642 100.00%
Registered voters/turnout 234,125,787 97.5%
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