Alternative History
Minister for Defence
Seal of the Cygnian Ministry of Defence.svg
Seal of the Ministry of Defence
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The Hon. Richard Marles MC

since 3 January 2017
Ministry of Defence
Style The Honourable (formal)
Minister (spoken)
Member of CabinetNational Security Council
Nominator The Chancellor
Appointer The Sovereign
Term length At Her Majesty's pleasure
Precursor Minister for the Army
Minister for the Navy
Minister for Air
Inaugural holder John Dedman
Formation 19 September 1947
74 years ago
Deputy Deputy Minister for Defence (principal deputy)
Chiefs of Staff Committee (military deputy)

The Minister for Defence is the leader of the Ministry of Defence, an executive ministry of the Government of Cygnia. The Minister for Defence is a member of the Cabinet of Cygnia, and along with the Secretary for Defence holds significant power over the Cygnian military, second only to that of the Chancellor. The Minister for Defence is appointed by the President on the advice of the Chancellor, and is a member of the National Security Council.

The current Minister for Defence is the Honourable Representative Richard Marles, who took office and was formally appointed upon the opening of the 58th Congress on 3 January 2017.