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Ministry of Education
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Logo of the Ministry of Education
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The headquarters of the Ministry of Education
Ministry overview
Formed 17 October 1987 (34 years ago)
Preceding agencies Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs
Department for Education
Jurisdiction Government of Cygnia
Headquarters 50 Marcus Clarke Street, Northam, TS
Employees 40,000 (2016)
Annual budget £228.5 billion (2017)
Minister responsible Tanya Plibersek, Minister for Education
Agency executive Michele Bruniges, Secretary
Key document Administrative Arrangements Order, 5 December 2019

The Cygnian Ministry of Education (MOE) is a Cabinet-level executive ministry of the Cygnian government. The Ministry of Education was created by the Ministry of Education Act, which was given Presidential Assent on 17 October 1987.

The Ministry of Education is administered by the Secretary for Education, who reports to the Minister for Education. It has since 2008 been the seventh-largest ministry, with about 40,000 employees. It has an annual budget of £228.5 billion (2017), making it the second-highest funded federal government department in Cygnia, behind only the Ministry of Defence.


The Ministry of Education and Science was formed on 13 December 1966 by the Menzies Government, separating federal education and science policy from the Chancellor's portfolio.

In 1972 the Whitlam Government divided the Ministry of Education and Science into the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science.

The Ministry of Education was renamed the Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs in 1983, when the Ministry was charged with the additional duties of regulating all legislation regarding children and youths, including child welfare. The Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs lasted until 1987, when the "Youth Affairs" name was dropped and the Ministry's research policy functions (housed in the Department for Science) were transferred to the Ministry of Commerce.

The Howard Government in 2001 returned the Department for Science to the Ministry of Education, but in 2009 the incoming Rudd Government created the Ministry of Industry and Science, raising science policy to Cabinet level.


The primary functions of the Ministry of Education are to "establish policy for, administer and coordinate most federal assistance to education, collect data on Cygnian schools, and to enforce national educational laws regarding privacy and civil rights." The Ministry of Education is responsible for the regulation of the national curriculum (a duty discharged through the School Curriculum and Standards Authority) and the establishment of schools and colleges.

Education in Cygnia is decentralised; as the Constitution does not grant the federal government the power to pass laws with respect to education, responsibility for the establishment of curricula and educational standards is largely relegated to the states. However, the federal government helps to fund independent or private schools, helps to fund public universities, and subsidises tertiary education through the Higher Education Loan Program.

The Ministry 's mission is: to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. Aligned with this mission of ensuring equal access to education, the Ministry of Education works with federal partners to ensure proper education for homeless and runaway youth in Cygnia.


Office of the Minister

  • Office of Legislative and Congressional Affairs
  • Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development
    • Budget Service
  • Risk Management Service

Office of the Secretary

  • Office of Communications and Outreach
  • Office of the General Counsel
  • Office of the Inspector General
  • Office for Civil Rights
  • Office of Educational Technology
  • Institute of Educational Sciences
    • National Centre for Educational Statistics
      • National Council for the Assessment of Educational Progress
      • Education Resources Information Centre
  • Office of Innovation and Improvement
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer
  • Office of Management
  • Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Department for Postsecondary Education

  • Office of the Secretary for Postsecondary Education
  • Office of Vocational and Adult Education
  • Office of Federal Student Aid
  • Office of Educational Accreditation

Department for Primary and Secondary Education

  • Office of the Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education
  • Education Facilities Regulation Authority
  • Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority
  • Office of Migrant Education
  • Office of Student Safety and Welfare
  • National Assessment Program

Department for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

  • Office of the Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
  • National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
  • Office of Special Education Programs
  • Rehabilitation Services Administration