Cygnian Ministry of Home Affairs
Seal of the Cygnian Ministry of Home Affairs.png
Seal of the Cygnian Ministry of Home Affairs
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Head office of the Ministry of Home Affairs in Northam, TS
Ministry overview
Formed 13 July 1975 (45 years ago)
Jurisdiction Government of Cygnia
Headquarters Northam, TS
Employees 8,506 (2014)
Annual budget £34.2 billion (2015-16)
Minister responsible Kristina Keneally, Minister for Home Affairs
Agency executive Michael Pezzullo, Secretary
Child agencies Cygnian Border Force
Migration Agents Registration Authority

The Cygnian Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) is an executive ministry of the Government of Cygnia that is responsible for immigration, citizenship, border control, and domestic security.

The head of the department is the Cygnian Secretary for Home Affairs, currently Michael Pezzullo, who reports to the Minister for Home Affairs, currently Senator Kristina Keneally.

The Ministry in its present form was created in 1975 by the Whitlam Government; the first executive ministry to deal directly with immigration was the Ministry of Immigration established in 1945.

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