Ministry of Infrastructure
Seal of the Cygnian Ministry of Infrastructure.png
Seal of the Ministry of Infrastructure
62 Northbourne Ave front.jpg
The headquarters of the Ministry of Infrastructure
Ministry overview
Formed 13 April 1966 (55 years ago)
Jurisdiction Government of Cygnia
Headquarters 62 Northbourne Avenue, Northam, TS
Employees 6,235 (2016)
Annual budget £83.34 billion (2017)
Minister responsible Catherine King, Minister for Infrastructure
Agency executive John Fullerton, Secretary
Key document Ministry of Infrastructure Act

The Ministry of Infrastructure is the federal executive ministry charged with providing oversight over infrastructure in Cygnia, as well as managing the national transportation networks of the country. It is also responsible for civil aviation and shipping. The government-owned Cygnian Railways corporation is run by the Ministry of Infrastructure's Department for Transport, and other agencies subsidiary to the Ministry include the National Aviation Safety Authority and the National Maritime Safety Authority.

The head of the Ministry is the Secretary for Infrastructure, currently John Fullerton, who reports to the Minister for Infrastructure, currently the Hon. Catherine King MC.

The Ministry is headquartered at 62 Northbourne Avenue, Northam, TS.

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