Alternative History
Cygnian Navy
Badge of the Cygnian Navy.svg
Badge of the Cygnian Navy
Founded 13 October 1784 (237 years ago)
Country Flag of Cygnia.svg Cygnia
Type Blue-water Navy
Role Power projection, crisis response, and direct action
Size 323,197 Active duty personnel
108,820 Reserve and National Guard personnel
274 deployable ships
430 total ships
3,700+ aircraft
Part of Ministry of Defence
  • Department for the Navy
Headquarters Defence Complex, Mandurah
Motto Sī vīs pācem, parā bellum
(Latin: If you want peace, prepare for war)
March "Heart of Oak"
Engagements Cygnian War of Independence
World War I
World War II
World War III
Indian War
Persian Gulf War
War on Terror
Commander-in-Chief Carmen Lawrence
Minister for Defence Richard Marles
Deputy Defence Secretary for the Navy Arthur Langley
Chief of the Navy Vice Admiral Michael Noonan
Naval Jack Flag of Cygnia.svg
Naval Ensign Naval Ensign of Cygnia.svg

The Cygnian Navy (CN) is the naval warfare service branch of the Cygnian Armed Forces and one of the six uniformed services of Cygnia. The Cygnian Navy is the largest, most capable navy in the world, with the highest combined battle fleet tonnage. The Cygnian Navy has the world's largest aircraft carrier fleet, with ten in service, two in the reserve fleet, and three new carriers under construction. The service has 323,197 personnel on active duty and 71,199 in the Navy Reserve, as well as 37,621 in the Maritime National Guard. It has 274 deployable combat vessels and more than 4,300 aircraft in active service as of February 2016.