Provisional and Transitional Council of Cygnia
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1943–1949 Flag of Cygnia.png
Flag of Cygnia with 10 stars.png Coat of arms of Cygnia.png
Flag Coat of arms
The Song of Cygnia
Song of Australia - The Royal Australian Navy Band
Capital Swanstone
Languages English
Government Provisional government
Chief Executive
 -  1943 — 1946 Emperor Ellory I
 - 1943 — 1946 Edmund Herring
Chief Justice of the Continental Tribunal
 - 1943 — 1945 Arthur G. Cheswick
Legislature Provisional and Transitional Council of the Empire
 - Cygnian Revolution 3 March – 8 April, 1943
 -  Establishment of Council 5 May 1943
 - National Constitutional Assembly convened 12 May, 1943
 - Armistice 8 May, 1945
 - Continental Tribunal 20 August, 1945 – 3 February, 1946
 -  Constitution restored 1 January 1949
 - Election 6 July, 1946
Currency Cygnian Sovereign

The Cygnian Provisional Government, officially the Provisional and Transitional Council of Cygnia, was the provisional government established in 1943 following the Cygnian Revolution which overthrew the Hellerist Government. Throughout its three-year existence it was led by Emperor Ellory I, who would go on to become the longest-ruling Emperor in Cygnian history.

The mission of the Provisional Government in its first three years was to "deliver a sound and definitive victory for the Empire, her allies, and her people." In following this purpose, the mobilisation of Cygnian society which was initiated under the previous Hellerist dictatorship continued. After the war ended in 1946, the Government's attention then turned to reconstruction, as well as the restructuring and reestablishment of civilian government. Immediately after the conclusion of hostilities, elections to a new constitutional convention led to its convocation on 1 January, 1947.

Over the next two years, the Convention worked alongside the Provisional Government to write a new constitution, elements of which were also put before the people in a series of referendums between 1947 and 1948. On 18 February, 1948, the Convention presented its final draft to the Provisional Government, which approved it and made it law through Decree No. 253. The new Constitution came into force on 1 January, 1949, upon which the Provisional Government voted to dissolve itself.

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