Cygnian Young Labour
President Jack Boyd
Founded 4 March 1926; 94 years ago
Headquarters Northam, TS, Cygnia
Mother party Cygnian Labour Party
Ideology Democratic socialism
International affiliation International Union of Socialist Youth
Official colours      Red

Cygnian Young Labour (CYL), also commonly known as Young Labour, is the youth wing of the Cygnian Labour Party (CLP) representing all Labour members aged 14 to 26. CYL maintains a close and strong relationship with the Labour National Executive, although it operates as a separate organisation. Its political activities tend to concentrate on the issues affecting the youth demographic. CYL is also somewhat more focused on political activism than the party at large.


The Labour Guild of Youth was established in New Albion in 1926. The first provisional meeting of the Labour Party Youth Council was held in 1948, when the Labour Guild was officially relaunched nationwide as Cygnian Young Labour.


Young Labour emulates many of the functions of its parent party. National conferences are held in Northam, TS, as well as conferences at the state level, where policy is submitted and debated by elected delegates and members of the League.

Activities and roles

Young Labour are most active during state and federal elections, campaigning in marginal seats. The youth wing of the party may organise members to door-knock in an electorate or set up a stand in shopping centres to hand out political party notes. Members are often also asked to 'letterbox' party advertising.

Each year the National League holds a conference in Northam, TS The conference is held at Cygnian National University and typically features guest speakers from the Labour Party.

At every second conference, fifteen executive positions, forming the Cygnian Young Labour National Committee, are elected, including that of the President, Secretary, and Vice Presidents. Two Party Youth Representatives are also elected, who along with the President become non-voting representatives on the Cygnian Labour National Executive.

Officeholders include:

  • President – Jack Boyd
  • Secretary – Mitchell Kingston
  • Senior Vice President – Teresa Gornall
  • Junior Vice Presidents – David Pink and Gemma Saccasan
  • Assistant Secretary – Alisha Aitken-Radburn
  • Women's Officer – Heidi La Paglia
  • LGBTIQ Officer – Finn Semple
  • Indigenous Officer – Alfred Lowe
  • International Secretary – Aman Choudhry
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