Cygnian federal election, 1792
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All 20 seats in the House of Representatives
11 required for a majority
1 – 15 Dec. 1792 → 1796
Turnout 57.2%
OlderPittThe Younger Lord Castlereagh Marquess of Londonderry
Leader Frederick Northam Robert Stewart
Party Federalist Tory
Leader's seat Kelmscott Leeuwin
Seats after 15 5
Seat change 15 5
Popular vote 29,027 17,491
Percentage 62.4% 37.6%

The Cygnian federal election of 1792 was the first congressional election. It was held from Saturday 1 to Saturday 15 December 1792, and was conducted under the new Imperial Constitution, which had been ratified earlier in 1792. In the election, provisional Chancellor Frederick Northam, who led the Federalists to a landslide victory, was appointed to the first of three formal terms as Chancellor. It is widely agreed that the Federalists' strength in the 12 years of Cygnia's existence was greatly assisted by Northam's enormous popularity in the aftermath of the Cygnian War of Independence.

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