Cygnian federal election, 1824
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All 126 seats in the House of Representatives
64 required for a majority
1820 ←
4 December 1824 → 1828
George Canning 1827 Tory Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey by Sir Thomas Lawrence copy
Leader George Canning Charles Grey
Party Tory Federalist
Leader's seat Fremantle Flinders
Seats before 72 54
Seats after 66 60

The Cygnian federal election of 1824 was held in Cygnia on Saturday, 4 December 1824, to elect the members of the 9th Cygnian Congress' House of Representatives. Incumbent Chancellor George Canning led the Tories into the election as he sought a second term; he was challenged by the leader of the Federalists, former Chancellor Charles Grey. Chancellor Canning successfully defended his majority, albeit reduced to one of just two seats, and began his second term as Chancellor.

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