Cygnian federal election, 1975
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All 300 seats in the House of Representatives
151 required for a majority

All 76 seats in the Senate

1972 ←
6 December 1975 → 1976
First party Second party
MalcolmFraser1982.jpg Gough Whitlam PM.jpg
Leader Malcolm Fraser Gough Whitlam
Party National Labour
Leader's seat Wannon Werriwa
Deputy Doug Anthony Frank Crean
Seats before 142 + 37 158 + 37
Seats after 178 + 42 122 + 32
Seat change 36 36
Popular vote 55,927,228 45,163,477
Percentage 53.05% 42.84%

Federal elections were held in Cygnia on Saturday, 6 December 1975. All 300 seats in the Cygnian House of Representatives and all 76 seats in the Cygnian Senate were up for election following the first and thus far only double dissolution of both Houses of Congress.

At the height of the 1975 Cygnian constitutional crisis, Queen Elizabeth decided controversially on 11 November 1975 to dismiss the Whitlam Government and commission Leader of the Opposition Malcolm Fraser to form a caretaker government. She thereafter proclaimed a double dissolution and issued writs for a special nationwide election to form a new legislature in order to complete the term of the dissolved 46th Congress.

In the month leading up to the elections, Whitlam called for a leadership spill. He retained his position as leader, while his deputy became Frank Crean. The Nationals went on to win the elections by a landslide. Labour suffered a 36-seat swing to 122 seats – fewer than it had when Whitlam led Labour through the 1968 elections.


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