Alternative History

The Cygnian federal executive ministries are among the oldest primary units of the executive branch of the Cygnian Federal Government – the Ministries for Foreign Affairs, War, Justice, Home Affairs, and the Treasury all having been established within a few weeks of each other in 1792. Ministries, as well as all other government agencies, are established by the President with the advice of the Federal Executive Council through Administrative Arrangement Orders.

All ministries are led by a responsible Minister of State, who are Members of Congress elected by the governing caucus to serve on the Cabinet. Portfolios are then distributed to Cabinet members by the Chancellor; these appointments are formalised by the President, who presents a commission of office to the new ministers. In addition, ministerial secretaries—public servants appointed by the President on the advice of the Chancellor—are non-political chief executives who are charged with the day-to-day management of the ministries, and work with ministers to execute government policy.

Executive Ministries of the present

All ministries are listed by their present-day name.

Notes 2017 Outlays
in billions
of pounds
Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs 1792 197.4 48,500
Treasury 1792 183.7 89,639
Justice 1792 Originally named the "Attorney-General's Ministry" 81.8 89,532
Home Affairs 1792 134.2 8,506
Agriculture and Resources 1889 54.33 7,259
Commerce 1903 Originally named the "Ministry of Commerce and Labour"; Labour later separated 115.77 43,880
Employment 1913 Initially named the "Ministry of Labour" 137.97 17,347
Veterans' Affairs 1917 Originally known as the "Ministry of Repatriation" 45.62 5,723
Health and Human Services 1921 182.35 67,000
Communications and the Arts 1943 Originally named the "Ministry of Communications" 68.29 18,692
Defence 1947 Created by the National Security Act of 1947 from a merger of the Ministries of the Army, Navy and Air Force 580.48 2,854,300
Social Services 1965 140.59 7,820
Infrastructure 1966 83.34 6,235
Environment 1970 137.25 12,360
Chancellor and Cabinet 1971 Minister responsible is the Chancellor 0.147 10,000
Energy 1972 150.31 4,487
Education 1983 First formed in 1966 as the Ministry of Education and Science, with education and science policy being separated from the Chancellor's portfolio and raised to Cabinet level. The Ministry was split into the Ministries of Education and Science in 1972. Policy relating to the nation's youth was added to the Education portfolio in 1983, creating the Ministry of Education and Youth Affairs. The Youth Affairs name was dropped in 1984, but the Education Ministry retained all functions implied by the former title. 228.5 40,000
Industry and Science 2009 Separated from Ministry of Education 138.97 25,340
Total outlays, employees: 2,661.017B 3,356,620


Ministries of the past

Dates of operation
Ministry of War 1792 – 1918 Split into the Ministry of the Army and Ministry of Air after the creation of the Cygnian Imperial Air Force
Ministry of Colonial Affairs 1800 – 1966 Reorganised into the Ministry of Commonwealth Affairs
Ministry of Commonwealth Affairs 1966 – 1968 Merged with Foreign Affairs to form the Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Ministry of Commerce and Labour 1903 – 1913 Split into the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Labour
Ministry of the Army 1918 – 1947 Merged into the Ministry of Defence under the National Security Act of 1947
Ministry of the Navy 1798 – 1947
Ministry of Air 1918 – 1947
Ministry of Education and Science 1966 – 1972 Split into the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science
Ministry of the Chancellor 1911 – 1971 Merged into the Ministry of the Chancellor and Cabinet
Ministry of the Cabinet 1968 – 1971