Alternative History




  • German Spies learn of the D-Day invasion plans and relayed the information back to Berlin. Hitler then begins shifting his crack SS Panzer divisions and battle hardened infantry units to the Normandy area while maintaining fictional armies or ones made up of weaker soldiers in the Pas De Clais and Dunkirk area to give the allies the illusion that they still believe that is where the invasion will come. The Germans also begin a brutal crackdown on the French resistance forces. They also discover that their communication codes had been hacked and discovered so they change them.

March through May[]

  • The Allies continue to mass forces believing that all is going according to plan.
  • German Forces continue to fortify the Normandy Coast and sending out false radio messages under the old code, to further confuse the allies into believing that the Germans had their best troops still positioned in the Pas De Clais area.


  • June 5th,