Alternative History
Danziger Luft-Ostflug
Founded 1919 as Ostflug
Commenced operations 1977 as DLOF
Operating bases Danzig
Hubs Danzig International Airport
Secondary hubs Königsberg Devau Airport, Reval Ülemiste Airport
Focus cities

Berlin Danzig Königsberg Warsaw Reval Riga Helsinki

Headquarters Danzig

Danziger Luft-Ost Flug (Danziger Luft-Ost Flug AG) is a regional airline, primarily connecting Danzig and Königsberg with cities in Poland the Baltic state, Lithuania, and Scandinavia. The company is a stock company. The German national airline Luft Hansa owns a 40% share of company, the Polish national airline LOT 35%. The remaining shares are held by the Hansiatic City of Danzig. DLOF is part of the Hansallianz and Diamond Alliance network of airline code share partners.

The present company is a 1977 merger between Ostflug, originally a stock company founded in Königsberg in 1919 and Danziger Luftverkehr. Ostflug began as a mail service between Königsberg and Reval and quickly expanded to passenger service.

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