Alternative History

Dan Quayle

42nd President of the United States, who succeeded George H.W. Bush in 1996.

Quayle's Vice-President was Senator Bob Dole and together they defeated Senator Al Gore and Texas Governor Ann Richards.

Quayle's first term was dominated by foreign policy. He gained worldwide approval for his success in getting the NATO countries to involve themselves in the ethnic cleansing in Serbia and the genocide in Rwanda.

Additionally, Quayle achieved a budget surplus for the first time since Andrew Jackson, Quayle also made great efforts on social policy, enacting several pro-life and pro-family bills passed by the Republican Congress. These proved extremely popular, and Quayle's poll numbers by 1998 were in the high 60s.

In 1998, Republicans increased their Senate majority by two seats. In the House, Speaker Newt Gingrich gained a thirty-four seat majority.

By 2000, Quayle seemed unbeatable and the Democrats finally unified under a "moderate ticket" that they were convinced could not win. The Democrats nominated Senator John Breaux and Representative Bill Richardson. Ultimately, Although Breaux did better than expected, Quayle won re-election by a comfortable margin.

During Quayle's second term he got congress to pass the first Flat Tax in history in 2002.

On September 11, 2003, After Iraq and North Korea launched a multiple-terrorist attack on the U.S. which a failed attempt by North Korea to launch two nuclear missiles at Japan and Australia. Both missiles exploded in their silos. Also, Iraqi and Palestinian terrorists almost killed Secretary of State John Breaux in Gaza. Quayle declared North Korea, Iraq, and the PLO and "Axis of Evil" and convinced Congress to declare war on them.

With the full support of the EU, NATO, Japan, Australia, Israel and many other nations, Quayle launched an invasion of Iraq and North Korea (Palestine was not invaded until January 2004).

By mid-2004, Saddam Hussein had been killed (his two sons were killed in January.), and Kim Jong-il was in a South Korean jail awaiting trial for crimes against humanity.

In October, the U.S. forces in Gaza and the West Bank (Lt. Gen. David Petraeus commanding) launched an all out campaign against the PLO and within 90 days had killed 50,000 terrorists and driven another in 1.9 million Muslims into Jordon and Egypt. NATO agreed to accept Gaza and the West Bank as part of Israel and any Muslims in those areas as Israeli citizens. Among President Quayle's plans for peace was to send 500,000 missionaries to Israel (180,000 were ultimately sent by late-2005), although the Arab states hated this it did much to bring peace to the region as well as an economic to the region.

With reconstruction efforts underway, Quayle left the presidency in January, 2005, with an approval rating of 65% and the assurance of being remembered as a great president.