Alternative History

Commonly called the Dark White House Affair, the three final years of William Clinton's Presidential term have been flashburned into the American consciousness as a time of unspeakable horror. Though at the time the truth was concealed by an elaborate cover up, the horrific events that led to the brutal death of the President only days before his leaving the White House have recently come to light.

In order to help expunge the memory of what had taken place in the Presidential Mansion, in 2000 the new President, George W. Bush, ordered the White House to be torn down and a new Presidential residence, free of bloody memories, to be erected.


After winning his second term as President of the United States of America in 1996, Bill Clinton settled back into his presidential duties with ease . . . until his scandalous behavior with Monica Lewinsky was discovered and trumpeted by the press. Historians speculate as to what the First Lady's reaction would have been had she not been approached by Thaddeus Gorge, but it is impossible to know. What we are certain of, is that when Gorge contacted her, she succumbed to his madness.

Gorge was a wealthy, upper class, retired lawyer who had practiced in Washington D.C. However, he was a reclusive, eccentric, and erratic man with no friends and no known relatives. It seems he left his mansion in McClean, Virginia less than a dozen times in the decade leading up to 1996.