David III and II, by the will of God King of Albion, Eriu, Norway, Vinland, New Tigray, New Puntland, New Guinea, Ceylon, Rhodesia, New Baetica, Jamaica and the Antilles; Emperor of Brasil; Lord of Mann and Iceland; Earl of Orkney and Shetland; Protector of the Malayan People's Republic, of the Suleiman Islands, of the Saami and of the Skraelings and of the First Nations of Vanaheim; Head of the Consortium of Nations; Hajji, Defender of Islam (born 1928) is the reigning monarch of several countries.

The son of King Harald III and V, he succeeded to the throne in 1954 after his father's early death from lung cancer. He preceded his elder sister Gisela in the line of succession, but one of his first royal decrees was to change the law to allow for absolute primogeniture.

David was educated first by a series of private tutors and then attended Drefon School in Gadwfellwn until the age of 18. He matriculated at Unity College, Cambridge, in 1947 where he studied law, and afterwards was commissioned into the army as a second lieutenant. He ceased to play an active role in the armed forces upon his accession to the throne, but still retains a keen interest in military matters.

As king, David began his reign during the end of the Third World War. He narrowly survived when Hafren Palace was hit by a Lyonnaise tactical nuclear missile in 1962, and his personal handling of the crisis and the restoration of order to Caerloyw won him praise from all sides. After the war, he oversaw several major constitutional changes such as the devolution of England and Lloegyr and the full legislative independence of Vinland and Eriu, and has paid many state visits abroad, but has largely remained out of domestic politics.

David met Francesca, Duchess of Misrata, a member of the African royal family, at university in 1948 and the couple married three years later. They have three children - Arthur, Prince of Lloegyr; Fatima, Princess Royal; and Alfred, Duke of Powys - and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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