It's hard to live in a world suffocated by the strings of a massive regime with no nation left with enough power to challenge it. This is a dysopian alternate history where most of the world is under the totalitarian leadership of a segregation regime led by the figure of the "Great Leader" of the Weltreich, an international organization which has authority over all Eurasian colonial powers.

The former United States, the sole nation which ever had the power to challenge the Weltreich directly in all matters collapsed in 1999 under the weight of social and economical problems driven by ethical and political intolerance fomented through fifty years after immigration caused by World War II.

All that is left from the once shining superpower are leftover states which despite being nations of great power on their own are nothing compared to what their former union was.

Nations in DoH



Association of American States


  • Anzac Confederation
  • Republic of South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • Switzerland
  • Melanesian Republic
  • Liberia

The Weltreich

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Established in 1949 by the Axis Powers led by Germany at the end of the Second World War, the international organization known as Weltreich (World Empire) was formed to organize post-war reconstruction, promote multilateral economical progress and keep peace and security among its members.

An anachronous representation of the territories comprised by the Weltreich

In the view of Ernest Sigfried, former head of the NSDAP and the first to hold the position of Großer Führer (Great Leader), the Weltreich and its continuity are the concretization of his envisioned "New World Order".

The organization is composed of 18 member states which all report to the Great Leader through a council of representatives comprised by one representative chosen by each member. The ultimate word is given by the Great Leader himself who decides where to allocate the organization resources and which policies will be adopted by its member nations.

The position of the Great Leader can be defined as one of total rule over any asset of the organization being its raw materials, manpower or even an entire group of nations.

"All the world abides to a single person who stands above any judgment, that person holds power to decide above good and evil as he, himself, is the divine embodiment of the sacred lands he governs. He is the world and his will is almighty by nature."
                                                                                                                                                      -Ernest Sigfried-

A nation member of the Weltreich has its own ruling system, currency and military but all of which are ultimately subject to the objectives and demands of the organization. Also the Great Leader has authority to remove any nation's government and replace it according to his will and without any justification.

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