In the 1950's ,Imperialism was at its lowest.More and more European nations were handing their former colonies to the people who lived there.Many don't know that Hong Kong was also to be given to the Hong Kongers, in the '50s. But the Chinese government of Mao Zedong told the UK, its owner at the time, not to liberate it. This was because the northern region of Hong Kong, The New Territories, was leased to the British from 1898, so the Chinese were waiting for the time when they could claim the New Territories as well as the two other British colonies there, Hong Kong island and Kowloon. But what if the British did not listen? What if they had given Hong Kong independence?
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Then ,later, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping took over. His reforms were radical and he did not brutally crush Tiananmen Square unlike he did in OTL.

Deng Xiaoping was China's Gorbachev in this timeline,and he also ushered the collapse of China as a nation. Now every province, SAR, and autonomous region was an independent nation free from China or any other country in the world.

This is quite similar to 'The Dragon Splits', but is in a different universe and time period all together.

I'll continue to progress on with this timeline. Please feel free to make edits, but do consult me on my talk page first.

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