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The Dead Earth Scenario is centered on the mass outbreak of a parasite mind control disease that originated in melting ice in Glaciers and infected 12 vikings in 878. It traveled to Ireland abroad the boat the 12 Vikings were sailing on. These Vikings arrived in Ireland and later were killed by their fellow Vikings already in the land after they attempted to kill all the others. They were buried in a Peat Bog in North County Dublin where the rare conditions kept the disease in hibernation until it was unearthed during the construction of the Dublin Metro North in 2007.

Point of Divergence

Instead of having an initial large P.O.D this timeline has thousands of small ones over 2000 years (too many to name) But none so major that meant you, the reader, would not exist in this timeline. Well, at least a 6.9998 in seven billion chance you would exist in this timeline. The most major P.O.D is the construction of a Metro in 2007 in Dublin and the formation of a bog in North Dublin. (And of course, the disease's existence).

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