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The Death Years the First is a worldwide tragedy. "The first of the worst," stated Dr. Calvin at Princeton University. The disease killed over half of the human populace and killed all of the Jorgensens'.

History: How it began

The disease was thought a rash-like scar in 1977, but started eating away of the flesh killing Joyn Margiin of Germany and killing 10,000 Africans and killed over 4000 of the Russians, but turned into a fly-fest and flesh eating-flies start off eating the virus making the flies eat the humans involved in the disease and killed four world leaders and killed over ten million in 1980 which the streets was filled up with decaying flesh, gore and blood.


It ended in 1989 after the same disease killed over 80 million people in the whole world. They finally found a cure in 1989 and it hasn't happened ever since and Dr. Calvin's son, Dr. Jacob was rewarded twice and honored the second one to his father in remembrance after his father's death in 1984; however, his father's death was from cancer or cardiac arrest after being shot by an infected man.

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