Alternative History

The December 1941 Attacks is a group of bombings, led by Albert Einstein, Edgar Taylor and the organisation known as Greenpeace. The attacks happened at the opening of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, which would have been a landmark in Nuclear Weapon development. Other military and scientific bases that Greenpeace believed were involved in Nuclear development were also targeted.


Albert, Edgar and many Greenpeace members were quickly rounded up. A raid on a Greenpeace safe house in February the following year also yielded results, and those captured were quickly tried and found guilty of Treason at a time of war. They were collectively hanged on the 16th of May 1942.


After the December '41 attacks, Militant Pacifism was coined to describe Militant organisations that purposely attacks Military hardware or research in order to prevent its use or stockpile. These organisations come from a variety of political backgrounds, some independent and some state-sponsored.

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