An althist that postulates what might have happened if the dinosaurs never went extinct.

Timeline: Currently incomplete

About 65 mya - An asteroid that was on course to strike Earth got caught in Earth’s gravitational field instead, and began to orbit. Earth now had two moons - hereafter known as Luna and Aster.

About 30 mya - A reptilian species now known as Saurus erectus evolves in OTL Russia and China, from carnivorous dinosaurs such as Velociraptor and Deionychus. Saurus erectus was a social, bipedal carnivore with an opposable thumb. It hunted in packs.

About 6 mya - A reptilian species now known as Saurus habilis evolves in OTL Russia/China. Habilis was of near-cosmopolitan intelligence; it used tools and had a primitive social structure.

In North America, several species of mammals begin to evolve.

About 2 mya - Saurus sapiens, the intelligent reptile, evolves in OTL Russia. Carnivorous, like its remote ancestors, it nevertheless lacks a tail and has opposable, clawed fingers. Its small settlements can be found from OTL Moscow to OTL Beijing.

About 800,000 ya - The first pottery is created, in a settlement in OTL Siberia.

The microtuberculates appear in OTL Maine.

About 600,000 ya - The first city known to archaeology- called Roghelao- is built in OTL Mongolia. There’s evidence of an early caste system and iconography of the Laghic religious beliefs. Herding and craft work makes up the main activities of the city. Domesticated animals such as gharotas (tricorns, a descendant of the triceratops) and logois (a descendant of the brontosaur) are herded for meat; craft work includes scale-carvings, leather work, and gold/silver smithing.

599, 773 ya - Aroghat, another early city, is built.

599,000 ya - In this year, the mythical King El of Roghaelo is born, as was the mythical King Ro of Aroghat. Each is supposed to have ruled for 2000 years in great peace, and then died, leaving the area in turmoil. Probably, they were both based on the same person- some primitive warlord who united the area. There is no official record from this time, so one cannot be sure.

550,000 ya - Written language is first used, on an obelisk in Roghelao, commemorating the defeat of the nearby cities of Gheles and Aroghat. Reckoning from the Founding of the City begins - 600,000 ya is 1 FC.

549,900 ya - The city of Roghelao becomes the first city-state. Lord Eleo - a member of the priestly Ioghic caste- comes to power and becomes Eleo I.

549,895 ya - Eleo I irrigates the city with wells and sewers.

549,870 ya - In the city of Aroghat, King Rolo I takes power.

549,830: The First Roghic War breaks out between Roghelao and Aroghat.

549,829: Aroghat allies with Gheles. Gharotas are trained for war for the first time by Roghelao.

549,820: After a long and costly struggle, Aroghat’s greater numbers overpower Roghelao’s walls and military gharotas. King Eleo I is executed. Aroghat absorbs Roghelao.

549,800: King Rolo I dies; Rolo II comes to power.

Most of the major mammal groups are now in existence.

548,780: Roghaelic Rebellion. The people of Roghelao rebel against their foreign masters and expel the Aroghat kings from their homeland. King Eleo II- son of the executed King Eleo I- comes to power.

548,760: Eleo II invades the city of Gheles and declares it part of the "Roghaelic Empire".

548, 735: Colonizing powers from Aroghat discover the Pacific Ocean and start small colonies in Eastern China.

Eleo II dies; Rogan I comes to power.

548,700: The Aroghai spread their colonies farther abroad, spreading into the Indian subcontinent.

Rolo II dies; Torogha I comes to power.

548,684: A discontent with the Laghic religion starts to spread among the populace of Roghelao and Aroghai. The discontented start a new religion, known as Eleghism.

548,650: A set of Eleghists from Gheles are expelled from the Roghaelic Empire.

Torogha I dies; Rolo III takes power.

548,643: The outcast Eleghists settle in OTL Western Russia, and call it Ghallas, the land of the Expelled.

A set of Aroghai colonies in OTL India rebel and name themselves Oroghal.

548, 641: Rogan I dies, and Elerogan I takes power.

548, 640: The first Oroghic War begins. Rolo III is determined to re=subjugate his rebellious colonies. The Oroghal just want to be free from Aroghai.

548, 639: Elerogan I agrees to ally himself with the Oroghal, as a way of discomfiting Aroghai.

In retaliation to this news, the Eleghists of Ghallas side with Aroghai. This puts Roghelao in the uncomfortable position of fighting a two-front war.

548, 629: Due to repeated guerrilla attacks on the western border from Ghallas, the Roghaelic Empire pulls out of the war, leaving Oroghal to fight for itself.

548, 613: The island of Japan is discovered by Aroghai merchants. They form a colony there.

548, 601: The Oroghal rebellion is put down by Aroghai.

548, 592: Eleghist missionaries start to try to convert the people of (relatively tolerant) Aroghai and Oroghal.

548, 580: Elerogan I makes the infamous Intolerance Declaration, which stated that the Emperors of Roghelao were a special caste of demigods and ruled by divine right, and that all religions that do not claim this are lies of the evil god Tergon. "Servants of Tergon" (a.k.a. Eleghist missionaries) were to be stoned.

548, 575: The first Eleghist missionary- a man named Ghelerat - is stoned in Roghelao. His prophecies that a great disaster will happen if he is killed. Which he is.

548, 574: The first recorded triple eclipse of the Sun, Luna and Aster occurs, and is taken as a sign that the gods are displeased. Millions of Aroghai and Oroghal convert to Eleghism; millions of Roghaelo flee to Ghallas or are killed.

548, 570: Elerogan I is assassinated by a Ghallist noble; the five-year-old Rogan II comes to power. His regent, Orocro the Younger, is notoriously unsympathetic to the Ghallist cause.

548, 567: A quasi-religious order of Roghaelic warriors called the Defenders of the Fang are organized. Their goal is to halt the spread of the "infidel" religion of Eleghism.

548, 564: A minor border skirmish between Roghaelic farmers and Ghallist guerrillas becomes an international incident when it's discovered that the Defenders of the Fang were involved.

Rollo III dies, a senile old man; Torogha II, his youngest son, usurps the throne, imprisoning his elder brother Rollo and all of his litter mates.

548, 560: Rogan II reaches adulthood and takes full power.

548, 559: The two young kings of Roghaelo and Aroghat clash (diplomatically) over their shared border. Meanwhile, skirmishes on the border with Ghallat occupy Rogan II's attention.

548, 557: A Ghallatian dreamer - Orogh the Elder - knows that there must be more land beyond Ghallat - across the river - and sets out to explore it.

548, 552: The border skirmishes between Roghaelo and Ghallat explode into a full-scale war. The Defenders of the Fang are called out for the first time in a decade. Aroghat allies with Ghallat.

548, 549: The cities of Aragh and Gheles are burned by Aroghat troops, and Roghaelic troops retreat to the capital.

548, 548: The war is officially over; peace is declared. Ghallat claims a thirty-mile-wide chunk of Roghaelic lands; Aroghat claims ten miles of the border between them. Rogan II is shamed nearly to death.

548, 537: Orogh the Elder comes back from his expedition. Long story short, he's discovered OTL Europe. People are intrigued by his tales of island chains, bizarre creatures (new species of dinosaur and even a few mammals!) and a strange civilization (in OTL France) known as the Ukariks.

548, 533: A Roghaelic explorer called Eleot ventures into OTL Greece. Finding quite a few uninhabited islands, he starts a colony on one of them (OTL Crete). He calls the colony Ghoratt, after the God of the Fang.

548, 530: Orogh the Younger, son of Orogh the Elder, establishes a Ghallatian colony in OTL Syria and Iraq - he calls it New Ghallat.

548, 528: Not to be outdone by their ancient enemy, Aroghat establishes a colony in OTL Turkey. They call it Torogham, after their king.

548, 523: Torogha II dies of scale rot; his older brother, Rollo IV, takes the throne.

548, 510: New Ghallat starts experimenting with some forms of direct democracy.

548, 502: Rogan II dies, leaving no heir. This causes a national crisis. A theocratic provisional government, made up of a Council of Iogics, is formed.

548, 499: The Revolt of the Colonies. Oroghal, Ghoratt, New Ghallat, and Torogham join forces against their masters to become independent.

548, 495: Rollo IV dies; Gharatha I takes the throne.

548, 492: The Ghorattian General Ighalo defeats the Roghaelic General Ghorattse in the Battle of Arghic Ridge.

548, 493: In the famous Battle of the Azure Coast, the combined Colonial Navies, under Admiral Loghac of Torogham, annihilate an Aroghat fleet.

548, 487: The Revolt of the Colonies ends with colonial independence. New Ghallat and Torogham unite into one country called Loghaci; and Ghoratt changes its name to Ighaloc. Ioghic leader Otorghac resigns in disgust.

548, 486: General Ighalo becomes King of Ighaloc.

Loghaci holds the first election in world history and elects Admiral Loghac to be their Ghaghori (loose translation of the word might be People-King; a king made by the people.)

548, 485: Lady Aghi becomes Queen of Ighaloc when her husband, King Ighalo, dies.

Aroghai merchants discover Indonesia.

548, 484: A charismatic Roghaelic general named Rotaghi overthrows the Council of Ioghics and declares himself king.

Aroghat merchants discover Australia and New Zealand.

548, 481:Queen Aghi lays her first clutch of eggs, but, defying tradition, the child she chooses to preserve is a daughter. This starts a matriarchal line in Ighaloc.

548, 476: An Aroghat 'scientist' discovers gunpowder; however, he is killed by his mixture before anyone can get the recipe.

Ghaghori Loghac wins the second election, against Lothai the Fair.

548, 473: An Eleghist priest in Ghallat invents moveable type and the printing press. He uses it to print the Eleghic holy book, the Gharatosha te Eleghi (Sayings of Eleghi), and pamphlets on the Eleghic religion.

548, 470: A communications revolution occurs. Hundreds of thousands of broadsides, pamphlets, and copies of the Gharatosha and the Ioghica (the Laghic holy book) are printed in this year. People begin to learn to read and write at a much greater level.

548, 466: King Rotaghi I bans private ownership of the printing press and all printed materials, except for copies of the Ioghica. The penalty for seditious libel is tripled.

548, 465: Queen Aghi I of Ighaloc dies. Her daughter, Irota I, comes to power.

Loghac steps down as Ghaghori, and is succeeded by Rotori.

548, 462: Concrete is invented by an Aroghat scientist. They use it to build roads, canals, and impressive buildings.

548, 460: Gharatha I dies, leaving no heir. His youngest and last-surviving brother, Tighatha of the fourth litter, takes over the government.

Lothai the Fair wins the election against Rotori.

Irota creates a band of female warriors, called the Traghat.


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