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Delaware was the first state to join the United States of America. Delaware was one of the 13 colonies participating in the American Revolution and gained statehood on December 7, 1787. Its capital was Dover and its largest city was Wilmington. Delaware had a population of 594,338 in 1980.


Delaware only received one nuclear strike on Doomsday; however, that strike was on Dover Air Force Base, just outside of the state capital of Dover. A 500kt Soviet warhead hit the base in a groundburst attack. The ensuing destruction destroyed much of Dover, however Governor Pierre S. Dupont IV escaped for safer pastures in Milton before the strike.

Wilmington, surprisingly, was not hit, but it soon became apparent why. With the strikes on New York, Trenton, Philadelphia and Baltimore, fallout soon struck the city hard. With the added effect of hundreds of thousands of refugees, chaos soon ensued and the city was abandoned by late 1986. It was later deciphered that the Soviets strategically bombed other surrounding targets to essentially kill the city, a tactic used successfully against Lansing, MI.

Successor States


The former state of Delaware is now part of Delmarva. Following Doomsday, the southern portion of Delaware became one of the original founders of Delmarva. Lately, the northern portion, including Wilmington, has begun to be rebuilt and resettled.