Alternative History

The Democratic Republic of Lindsey or 'The Republic' is a group of townships in former north Lincolnshire. 'The Republic' is based in the towns of Market Rasen, Louth, Horncastle and the ceremonial capital city of Lincoln.

Originally based in the Lincolnshire wolds it has spread its influence over nearly half of the inland of the former English county of Lincolnshire, it takes its name from the former name for the north of Lincolnshire.

The existence of this nation was discovered by Cleveish troops during the Lincolnshire Assimilation Project in conjunction with the nation of Newolland when they arrived in Newark-upon-Trent.

From information gained from locals a few things have been learned about the Democratic Republic of Lindsey.

  • It was originally a trade agreement between the Lincolnshire Wolds towns of Market Rasen, Louth and Horncastle. Started in 1992.
  • Although it states that it is a republic, it is effectively five independent townships (and their surrounding countryside) who signed a mutual trade agreement in 1999, the township of Lincoln became the capital. Newark-upon-Trent became part of the DRL in 2005 and left to become part of the nation of Newolland in 2011, Each township has significant independence from each other.
  • The Republic is truly democratic nation with all public positions (and even some private positions) elected.
  • They have a small Army in relation to other OBN nations (around 5000 men).
  • They have a population of roughly 75,000.

Surprisingly, when the Cleveish troops are invited into Newark-upon-Trent town hall they find a picture of the former British PM Thatcher taking pride of place above the main council chamber. After talking to the members of the Republic defenders of Newark-upon-Trent it appears that former PM Thatcher has become the focus heroine worship in the Republic almost to the point of giving her god-like qualities, some believe she will one day return and reunite the British Isles as a new United Kingdom, this is very similar to the legend of King Arthur. They follow a version of Thatcherism:

  • The promotion of low inflation - by trade deals between townships, the government also does not allow trade with other nations in the area.
  • The tight control of the money supply.
  • Firm control over public expenditure.
  • The return to 'Victorian values' (of the Samuel Smiles variety).
  • Privatisation of as many government agencies as possible.
  • Constraints on the labour movement - including the abolition of all trade unions.
  • They are also staunchley Anti-Communist.

The Republic defenders are delighted to discover form the Cleveish troops that two of the former Queen Elizabeth's children survived DD and became Monarchs of their own nations. They are not that happy about the nation of Newollands plans for the area that is now covered by the Republic however negotiations are underway with Newolland with the assistance of Cleveish troops.

Talks with Newolland

Talks are currently underway between the leadership of Lindsey and Newolland about Newolland's colonisation plans for the area. The government of Lindsey has categorically refused to become part of Newolland automatically, mainly as they see themselves as a separate nation to Newolland. However, with the nation being democratic they have agreed to hold referendum votes in all five towns in the DRL these being Market Rasen, Louth, Horncastle, Newark-upon-Trent and the ceremonial capital city of Lincoln. These were held on the 26th of August 2011.

Newolland diplomats agreed on this, however they expect that all towns in the Lincolnshire Wolds will vote No, including the ceremonial capital of Lincoln. But it is possible that the population of Newark-Upon-Trent may vote to join Newolland as they have only recently become part of the DRL and the Cleveish troops in that area had noted that the local population of Newark was not happy with the DRL troops being in the area.

The exit polls of the referendum held on the 26th August 2011 showed that the majority of towns voted to remain independent of the nation of Newolland, but as expected the town of Newark-Upon-Trent may have voted to join Newolland. Results of the referendum will be announced on the 28th August 2011. Cleveish and Northumbrian observers say the vote has been free and fair.

28th August, 2011

The results of the referendum on joining the nation of Newolland, in the DRL have been jointly announced by the government of the DRL and the Cleveish and Northumbrian invigilators, they are as follows:

  • Lincoln
    • Yes - 27%
    • No - 73%
  • Market Rasen
    • Yes - 19%
    • No - 81%
  • Louth
    • Yes - 34%
    • No - 66%
  • Horncastle
    • Yes - 31%
    • No - 69%
  • Newark-upon-Trent
    • Yes - 61%
    • No - 39%

The Government of the DRL has announced that as the people of Newark-upon-Trent have voted to become part of the nation of Newolland in a free and fair election. They will leave the DRL when Newolland allows their inclusion into their nation.

The town of Newark-upon-Trent joined Newolland on the 4th October 2011.

Trade talks

After talks with Newolland and Cleveland diplomats a trade agreement has been drawn up between the DRL and the OBN nations. It is hoped that this trade agreement will lead to greater future inclusion for the DRL in the OBN.