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Democratic Republic of Lofa
(In Blue)
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Location of Lofa
Location of Lofa
(and largest city)
Superintendant Galakpai Kortimai
Population 135,000 
Established 1998

For pre-Lofa history see Liberia

History of the Democratic Republic of Lofa[]

The Democratic Republic of Lofa (DRL or Lofa) emerged in 1998 from the northern remains of the former nation of Liberia.

It developed with the help of the WAU nation of Guinea (who shares a border to the north) which helped implement a mutual defense agreement between the Kissi, Loma, Gbandi and Mendi tribes in Lofa country to defend from cross border attacks by people from Sierra Leone and also warlords from the south of former Liberia, in particular the Belle and Gola tribes.

The Belle tribe were brought into the DRL in 2004 after attacks from the Gola and Kpelle tribes.

Seeing the increasing economy and stability of the DRL several towns in northern and central Kpelle tribal territory joined in 2007.

After talks with the West African Union and members of the soon to be formed Federation of Liberia Lofa applied for membership of the Federation in early 2012, after discussions with the governments of the founding nations and representatives of the WAU Lofa's applcation was accepted. An acceptance date of the 1st January 2014.

With this application the WAU will try and add the remainder of Kpelle tribal lands to either the DRL or the Federation of Liberia in 2012.

On the 29th March 2012 a joint Federation/WAU statement announces the plans to take Suakoko and Zota Districts of Bong County, Lofa will provide 500 troops. The area will become part of Nimba until the establishment of the Federation of Liberia.