Alternative History

Deseret (蜜蜂国 or デセレット国, dexeretto no kuni) is a province located in eastern Aruta. The name of the province is derived from the Book of Mormon, the scripture of Deseretism, also known, particularly by the Deseretists, as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. According to that scripture, the name Deseret means "honeybee". As a result, the kanji spelling chosen was the word for "honeybee".

The province was originally part of Yûgo Province (today called Ginsan Province). It was split off after a request by First President (or Prophet) Brigham Young, leader of Deseretism and approval by the Governor-General of Aruta. The Deseretists settled the region fleeing oppression in their homeland back in the North American Confederation after an invitation by Governor-General Inoue.

The province has long been dominated by the Deseretist church. Freedom of religion has always existed, but Deseretists temples and churches are supported by the provincial government, and many Deseretist teachings have influenced provincial law, such as the ban on alcohol within the borders of the province.

Today, the province is still largely English-speaking, but a significant Japanese-speaking minority exists. Immigrants from other nations with significant Deseretist populations have also made their home in Deseret.