Alternative History

In this Alternate history scenario, the event that is changed is what would have happened if Dewey had won the election, not Truman, and how one little effect can change US History up to 2010.

  1948: The Republican Ticket of Dewey/Warren defeats the Democratic Ticket of Truman/Barkley in the first republican victory in Sixteen years.

  1949: The new president and vice president taker over on January 20th, the first inauguration to be shown on the new field of Television.

           Congress passes the NATO treaty, soon after President Dewey signs it. NATO officially begins on April 4, 1949.

           Problems with North Korea begin to heat up, with China having rebellion throughout the country.

  1950: All sorts of test occur for the Dewey admidstration beginning in this year.

           The Korean War begins on June 25th, 1950. With support from the UN, the US takes on Korea, China, and the USSR.

           Charges of Communists are beginning to be made by Senator Joseph Mccarthy. President Dewey organized a meeting with the senator about the accusations.

           On November 1st, 1950 two Purtro Rican nationalist try to assassinate President Dewey, but are not Successful in their attempt at the Blair House.

           President Dewey declares Vietnam a free nation.

          In the elections, Republicans Lose fifteen seats in the house, and fifteen seats in Congress. the Republicans loose both houses of Congress to the Democrats.

  1951: Things keep on getting worse for president Dewey as the the next election is a year away.

           The economy takes a unusual direction during war time. The economy has a severe recession, which lowers Dewey approval ratings to the thirty range.

           The Korean War is in a stalemate, with no side making any gains.

           A Dewey Adminstration official is accused of being a Communist , which starts a major scandal with gov't corruption.

 1952: This was the year of revenge for the Democrats. Former general Dwight D. Eisenhower is the Democratic nominee with former Republican congressman Richard Nixon as his VP. The democrats were weary of the VP choice, but Eisenhower promised it would be a great choice in the long run. Dewey easily won renomination as President with an new VP. Earl Warren Resigned to spend time with his famliy, with Harold Stassen being the surprise choice as the VP. Many people believe this to be the final nail in President Dewey's coffin. With the Korean War continuing in a stalemate, the recession getting worse, and Mccarthy's witch hunt continuing to get worse, the tide turned to democrats. On Election Night, the democrats won big, with the Eisenhower/Nixon ticket winning everywhere execpt for The Northern states and Minnasota. The democrats also gained in both houses of Congress.Also, this is the first election with television ads for both caiidates.

That's it for part 1, I will post more parts in the future. If anyone has some ideas to give me Message me.       

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