Alternative History

This is supposed to be 1953-1955 but the title is wrong.

1953: President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon are inaugurated.

         The Korean War ended on July 3rd, 1953, after massive bombing campaigns by The United States and their allies. A treaty is signed by the leaders of the two sides.

        The recession is beginning to end after Eisenhower cuts taxes for the middle of the lower class while raising for the upper classes.

        Senator Joseph McCarthy is impeached for his witch hunts.

        Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson dies on 9-8-53. Former VP Earl Warren is appointed Chief Justice by President Eisenhower. Many historians believe this to be a bargain with the two. If Warren wouldn't run for re-election he would be nominated Chief Justice in the future.

        President Eisenhower's approval rating average for this year is 83.

1954:  The year is productive for the President.

          The recession is officially over, this begins a period of growth for the economy.

           The year is mainly dominated by foreign policy issues.  The US begins relations with Spain and the leader Francisco Franco. The CIA organized a coup in Guatemala, to eliminate the country's leader. The plan was called Operation PBSUCCESS, and it was a success.

           On the domestic front Operation Wetback occurred. It was a plan to catch illegal immigrants on the Mexican border, which was the first of its kind to be attempted. It was a success sending 180,000 illegal immigrants back to Mexico.

           President Eisenhower's overall rating average was 80 percent.

 1955:  With the election one year away, many wondered if President Eisenhower would be able to run again.

            President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack while on vacation in Denver. After being in the hospital for seven weeks, the president returned to Washington to work again. He still didn't know if he was going to run again in the next election.