The Victorian Era is known for its infamous living conditions, multitude of colonies, and most importantly, riding the wave of the Industrial Revolution.

What if it didn't stop where it did OTL? What if the Victorian Era spawned a new age of science and technology?

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Point of Divergence

This timeline is based on a hinge event where a metalworking apprentice by the name of Harald Cabel, survives a workshop accident.

It may not look like much, but considering that it would lead to British colonial possessions on the Moon, it is indeed a major event.


Harald Cabel, metalworking apprentice of 13, is nearly killed after an accident in his master's workshop. He eventually develops new metalworking methods during his career, changing the future of the British Empire and other nations in the process.


The Babbage Difference Machine is completed. The British Empire now has the ability to calculate distances more efficiently, resulting in more accurate gun firing tables. This greatly enhances their war efforts.

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