Here is the main differences from this timeline and OTL:

  • Austria wins the war, not France and Sardinia.
  • The 1941 Jefferson State proposal of Gilbert Gable was accepted by the United States Government.
  • Scott (Whig) and Frémont (Republican) were elected instead of Pierce and Buchanan (both Democrats).
  • John Tyler was directly elected, skipping W. H. Harrison. Same with Calvin Coolidge, skipping Harding.
  • Lincoln, McKinley and Kennedy were not killed. Lincoln was re-elected for another term, skipping A. Johnson.
  • George W. Bush was elected for a single term in 2005. His OTL first term was covered by Democrat Al Gore.
  • Since Obama is the Prime Minister of Hawaii (in TL independent), he is not elegible. His terms are covered by Edwards and Biden (both Democrats).

(May be more differences, but these are the main ones.)

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