This article covers the list of difference of the events that happening in this Cherry, Plum, and Chrysanthemum timeline compared with our timeline.


  • The Japanese Empire expanded earlier in 14th century and more faster than its OTL equivalent. The Japanese diaspora spread greatly as far as north to OTL Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia and as far as south to OTL New Zealand.
  • India was divided between the British (British India) and the French (French India). The British Raj later became two separate states: the Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan while the French India later became the Federation of the Deccan.
  • While like in OTL which being colonized by the British, the Ceylon Island is divided into two separate states: the Sinhala-dominated Sri Lanka in the south and the Tamil-dominated Eelam in the north.


  • The French Empire survived and the Bourbon Dynasty never being restored after Napoleon decided for invaded the British isles, instead of Russia in 1812.
  • Nearly all of Polish lands went under the Prussian (and later German) rule. Prussia became more powerful in this timeline, resulted to more bigger German Empire and more weaker Russian Empire.
  • Corsican Republic survived and gained its independence. Italy was unified by Corsica, instead of Sardinia, resulted the country to become a liberal and democratic republic like OTL French Third Republic.
  • The coup by Georges Boulanger really happened and established the authoritarian, proto-fascist regime at France in 1889.
  • Stalin died earlier in 1920 due to the complications from acute appendicitis and that was Kamenev who became the next leader of the Soviet Union after Lenin.
  • France is less secular, less liberal, and more Catholic-oriented as the effect from no Third Republic and surviving Papal States in Avignon, while in opposite Italy is more secular and more liberal as the effect from the Constitution of Corsican Republic.


  • Madagascar is inhabited by the Bugis settlers came from the island of Sulawesi in the 17th century and colonized by the Scandinavians, instead by the French in 19th century.


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