Cultural differences

  • 24 is as popular and has become a part of American popular culture as in OTL, and while McCain is an avid fan of the series, he has criticized the series for justifying the misuse of government authority and the use of torture. The use of torture has decreased over the years in the series, and Republicans do not as often use the series as an argument in support of torture, one reason being the opposition of President McCain.
  • Fox News Channel does not have as much influence as in OTL, and mainly support the Conservative right-wing of the Republican Party while having increasingly begun attacking the Democratic Party and the moderate elements of the Republican Party. While supporting President McCain's War on Terrorism, interventions in Iraq and Sudan and his conservative views on government spending and the economy, they often attack him for his more centrist and liberal views, including McCain's support of the fundamentalist Evangelists and McCain's normalization of relations with Cuba. McCain's daughter Meghan has been targeted at times.
  • CNN has more influence than OTL, and with HLN, MSNBC and the ABC News Now.
  • South Park is compared to other television series much more tolerant towards McCain than other Republican politicians, especially due to McCain's more conservative views on religion. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are more conservative compared to other television shows' creators and more supportive to McCain than to the rest of the Republican Party, with Stone saying "I tolerate McCain, I hate conservatives, but I really fucking hate liberals."
  • Family guy is critical to President McCain and his Presidency, but more than in OTL. American Dad! is created, but with more focus on the main character's support and opposition to McCain depending on issues like foreign and security policy as well as Hitler.
  • The Simpsons focuses more on American as well as on foreign politics than in OTL, criticizing McCain as they did with Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush.
  • While Al Gore makes An Inconvenient Truth, his movie does not have as much impact as in OTL as McCain already has increased focues on the issue of global warming following his visit to Svalbard in 2004. The movie is still however important within the Democratic Party and their voters as well as worldwide. Al Gore does not receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • While Hollywood still is a staunch critic of McCain and the Republican Party in particular, Hollywood actors' support of the Republican Party is more accepted than in OTL.

Political differences

  • The Republican Party has a much better reputation and image domestically and internationally. Due to McCain's maverick positions and die-hard support of the Evangelical right while focusing on the historical ideals of the GOP, the Republican Party is internationally not considered as the party of Evangelical Conservative right, but rather of moderate Conservatism.
  • It is not as controversial for politicians and political parties outside the United States to support a Republican president and the Republican Party as in OTL.
  • The importance of independent voters and candidates have increased.
  • Michael Moore makes Fahrenheit 9/11, but doesn't have much influence beyond the liberal left side of the Democratic Party. His criticism of the Iraq War is shadowed by proven evidence of Iraqi WMDs, the international support for intervening in Iraq as well as the fact that the War in Iraq is concluded without large Coalition and civilian casualties.
  • Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham often attack McCain for his more centrist or Maverick political views, including McCain's support of moderate Republican candidates. Meghan McCain is often targeted as well.
  • Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham are considered hate mongers or to be "too extreme" by most Americans. Their influence is only strong among the religious right wing of the Republican Party.

Religious Differences

  • The Christian Right is much more influencial than in OTL:
    • Pat Robertson is viewed as an Evangelical Fundamentalist extremist, including President McCain, who has at several occasions criticized the great influence the Evangelical fundamentalism has on people.
    • Many Republicans become more conservative in their views on religion, while others becomes increasingly more Fundamentalistic, thus increasing the division within the Republican Party between the Moderates and the Christian Fundamentalists.
    • The use of religion in public and governmental contexts (speeches, schools etc.) is more accepted than in OTL, and by many seen as a sign of tradition and religious belief rather than overstepping the separation of church and state.
    • The international community increasingly considers the Republican Party to be more moderate in their religious views, and still favor the Republican Party.
    • The Big Bang Theory is much less controversial.
    • The Theory of Evolution is much more universally accepted.
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